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EcoVenger Crawling Insect Killer

Say Goodbye to Roaches and Ants with EcoVenger - The Natural and Non-Toxic Solution that Kills on Contact and Provides Extended 4-Week Deterrence!

- Natural and non-toxic: EcoVenger Roach & Ant Killer is made with natural, plant-based ingredients, making it a safe and non-toxic alternative to traditional insecticides. It is also safe for use around children and pets, giving you peace of mind.
- Pleasant scent: Unlike other insecticides that have a harsh chemical odor, EcoVenger Roach & Ant Killer has a pleasant botanical scent. This makes it more pleasant to use and eliminates the need for strong air fresheners or masks to cover up the smell.

EcoVenger Roach & Ant Killer is the perfect solution to get rid of crawling insects both indoors and outdoors. This natural and non-toxic formula kills ants and other insects on contact, providing extended 4-week deterrence. Unlike other chemical-based insecticides, EcoVenger is safe for children and pets. The pleasant botanical scent of this product makes it a great choice for those who prefer a fresh and natural smell. The active ingredients in this product are derived from essential oils, making it an eco-friendly option for pest control. With EcoVenger Roach & Ant Killer, you can keep your home free of crawling insects without compromising on safety or the environment.