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German Roach Pest Control Kit

Say Goodbye to German Roaches with Advion's 4-Tube Pest Control Inse - Includes 4 Plungers for Easy Application!

- Long-Lasting: The Advion 383920 formula is designed to provide long-lasting protection against German cockroaches, ensuring that your home or office remains pest-free for an extended period.
- Safe: The product is safe to use around children and pets, making it an ideal choice for households with small children or pets. Additionally, the product does not leave any stains or odors, making it easy to clean up after use.

Advion 383920 is a powerful pest control solution designed to eliminate cockroaches and German roaches. The kit comes with four tubes and four plungers, making it easy to apply the solution to the areas where the pests are hiding. The brown color of the solution is attractive to the insects, drawing them in and ensuring that they consume the poison. The active ingredient in Advion 383920 is indoxacarb, which targets the nervous system of the pests and effectively kills them. This product is a reliable and effective solution for anyone struggling with a cockroach or German roach infestation in their home or business.