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RoachAway Tablets

Eliminate Roaches for Good with Harris Roach Tablets - Powerful Boric Acid Formula with Lure, No Messy Bait Traps Needed (6oz, 145 Tablets)

- Safe for Humans and Pets: Harris Roach Tablets are made with boric acid, which is a low-toxicity substance that is safe for humans and pets when used as directed. Unlike some other roach control methods, there is no risk of accidental poisoning.
- Cost-Effective: With 145 tablets in each package, Harris Roach Tablets offer a cost-effective solution for roach control. They are a great alternative to bait traps that need to be replaced frequently, and they can be used to treat multiple areas in your home.

Harris Roach Tablets are the perfect solution for getting rid of roaches in your home. These tablets contain boric acid, which is a powerful and effective roach killer. The tablets also come with a lure that attracts roaches to the area, making them easier to eliminate. This is a great alternative to bait traps, which can be messy and difficult to use. With 145 tablets in a 6oz package, you'll have plenty of roach-killing power to last you for a while. Say goodbye to roaches and hello to a cleaner, safer home with Harris Roach Tablets.